Masculinidades e violência de gênero: um estudo sobre violências e metamorfoses na perspectiva da psicologia social crítica

BATISTA, Kevin Samuel Alves. Masculinidades e violência de gênero: um estudo sobre violências e metamorfoses na perspectiva da psicologia social crítica. 2018. 188f. - Dissertação - Universidade Federal do Ceará, Programa de Pós-graduação em Psicologia, Fortaleza (CE), 2018.

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Publication Date:2018
Main Author: Batista, Kevin Samuel Alves
Orientador/a: Lima, Aluísio Ferreira de
Format: Dissertação
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Citação:Batista, K. S. A.; Lima, A. F. (2018)
Resumo Português:We present here a research in Critical Social Psychology, which aimed at the study of masculine identities from the narrative to life history of a man punished by the Maria da Penha Law in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará. We consider the increase in the rates of violence based on gender in recent years in Brazil. From the discussions about this phenomenon, we noticed that most of the studies on gender violence point to the situation of vulnerability and social / symbolic disadvantage faced by women in various social institutions. Yer, research on men involved in acts of violence of this order is minimal, a fact that seems to contribute to the maintenance of stigma and punitive practices on these subjects. Therefore, this study aimed to improve the analysis of the topic of the authors men of gender violence, exploring the understanding of identities - as metamorphosis - of the men involved in the phenomenon with the overall objective to understand how is the life story narrative of a author of these acts in the city of Fortaleza. To carry out the research, we chose the qualitative research and the method of life story narratives to contemplate the story of a man named here Italo Boreas, which was attended by the Center for Attention to Violence Author man against Women, linked to the Court of Execution of Penalties and Alternative Measures and Habeas Corpus in the city of Fortaleza-Ceará. The analysis of this life story had as its central axis the phrase identity-metamorphosis-emancipation from the contributions of Antonio Ciampa, Aluísio Lima and Juracy Almeida, promoting a dialogue with authors and contemporary authors in the fields of psychology, sociology and philosophy criticism. As a result of the analyzes, we weave three chapters reflecting on the scenarios of the life of Italo Boreas, as well as the crossings of the diverse violences throughout his life. Personal, family, institutional, juridical-legal and relational crossings were considered in the creation of scenarios in which the perpetration of gender violence may have been corroborated, questioned and possibly overcome in the composition of characters and their expressions of masculinities in the life of Ítalo Boreas over time. This discussion thus brought contribute to the advancement in understanding and addressing the growing perpetration of gender violence in Brazil, promoting discussion and reflection on the current field of studies on masculinities and violence, tensing reflective proposals about practices with men beyond an intimist and guilty perspective of the subjects, seeking to contribute to a broader social analysis that calls into question the social and sociability scenarios for the perpetuation of gender violence in the exercise of hegemonic masculinity.