Sua Majestade o Autista: fascínio, intolerância e exclusão no mundo contemporâneo

FURTADO, Luis Achilles Rodrigues. Sua Majestade o Autista: fascínio, intolerância e exclusão no mundo contemporâneo. 2011. 206f. – Tese (Doutorado) Universidade Federal do Ceará, Programa de Pós-graduação em Educação Brasileira, Fortaleza (CE), 2011.

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Publication Date:2011
Main Author: Furtado, Luis Achilles Rodrigues
Orientador/a: Figueiredo, Rita Vieira de
Format: Tese
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Citação:Furtado, L. A. R.; Figueiredo, R. V. (2011)
Resumo Português:Autism, since the experience reported by Jean Itard, had always fascinated those who dedicate themselves to their study, education and treatment. This research sought to investigate the effect of this fascination in their ideological and fantasistic determinations. To this end, we discuss the history of the controversies around this concept, theoretical-clinical inaccuracies since its conception and its consequences for inclusive education. We conducted a critical reading of some authors inspired by Jacques Lacan’s teaching while producing a revision to its literal belief, as well as that of Sigmund Freud. The methodology used in this work is a bibliographic study whereby we use concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis as theoretical-methodological feature, performing at the same time, its relations with the field of education and politics. The incursions by these fields take the work of authors like Slavoj Žižek, Colette Soler and Marie-Jean Sauret as references which allowed us to articulate the fascination surrounding the figure of Autistic to multiculturalists movements, exemplified in the neurodiversity movement. The research allowed us to distinguish the autism that treats the psychoanalysis of neuroscience’s autism, as well as formulate that is not only different phenomena, but that the issue on the truth about autism is poorly worded and implies the deletion of the subjective dimension of these people, consistent with the prevailing ideology in the world of global capitalism. The consequence of this kind of manichaean reading is the appearance of a framework of intolerance in the discourse of the present respect differences, creating and reinforcing the existence of unique spaces for autistic, going against the grain of what should be understood like inclusive education.