Representações Sociais sobre meio ambiente entre os jovens do município de Formiga – MG

O estudo das representações sociais em muito tem contribuído para o desenvolvimento de trabalhos relacionados com o meio ambiente. É de grande relevância discutir a importância delas dentro de uma sociedade e como elas influem nas decisões que os seres humanos tomam individual e coletivamente. Em um...

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Publication Date:2002
Main Author: Pereira, Viviane Guimarães lattes
Orientador/a: Doula, Sheila Maria
Format: Dissertação
Published: Universidade Federal de Viçosa
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Citação:PEREIRA, Viviane Guimarães. Representações Sociais sobre meio ambiente entre os jovens do município de Formiga – MG. 2002. 125 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Extensão Rural) - Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa. 2002.
Resumo inglês:The study of social representation has a great contribution in the development of environmental related research. Discuss the importance of it in the society is a great prominence which influence the decisions of individual or collective human being. In an environmental education analysis the study of representations is fundamental, because the pedagogic guidelines seek a change of the content of the representations on environment, to propose a modification in the behavior and in the people's lifestyle from this point of view. This study used the concept of social representations in a way that this concept pre-pass through several knowledge fields, as Anthropology, History, Sociology, Psychology Environmental and Education Linguistics. focus mainly Approachment the about contradictions in the her existent: on a side the proposal of environmental education that looks for to develop an ethical conscience and a social transformation and on another side the practice, that reinforces the positivist paradigm. That critical approach of the Environmental Education served as base to understand how those representations are built on environment. The research was accomplished with youths of the last year of the fundamental teaching and of the last year of the medium teaching of the formal education of a school of the public net of the municipal district of Formiga- MG. The collection of data interviews was accomplished over students in a way that they evaluated the different forms of Environmental Education, identifying the contents that marked them more by the construction of their representations on environment. Other wise we worked with compositions elaborated by them starting from the indication of the theme "environment". The obtained data of the compositions and in the interviews were analyzed by the theory of the Analysis of the Speech of French line, that allowed to understand the construction form and the content of the texts. It could be verified through this study the outstanding presence of “naturalistic" versions of environment in detriment of ideas related with the context, concerns and political-social dimension that follows the environmental vision. The results presented in this study maintain the difference between theory and practice of Environmental Education, being this the largest problem to be faced, known that the measures are adopted to confront the environmental problem depend essentially how the environment is understood.