A relação entre comprometimento organizacional e resistência à mudança : estudo de caso em organizações de diferentes portes

No contexto da globalização, observa-se que as organizações procuram acompanhar a velocidade das mudanças propostas no plano político, tecnológico, econômico e sociocultural; porém, para seguir esse movimento, as organizações devem dar atenção aos fatores relevantes envolvidos, para que atinjam o di...

Nível de Acesso:openAccess
Publication Date:2010
Main Author: Teles, Elisângela Elisabete
Orientador/a: Galelli, Ademar
Format: Dissertação
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Online Access:https://repositorio.ucs.br/handle/11338/974
Resumo inglês:In times of globalization, it is observed that organizations are seeking to follow the changes operated in the politic, the technological, the economic and the sociocultural spheres. However, to accompany this movement, these organizations should pay attention to some relevant factors which will help them to reach the competitiveness differential like, for instance, the organizational commitment and the resistance to the proposed changes. Within this changing environment, we can observe that the organizations depend on their human resources if they want to implement the necessary changes. Therefore, the present study aims at investigating the relation between organization commitment and the resistance to changes in three different metal-mechanical industries, situated in Caxias do Sul (RS). A questionnaire was applied in the three organizations which were consisted by a large, a mid-size and a small industry. It functions to evaluate the organizational commitment degree in the affective, instrumental and normative dimensions and the resistance to changes degree in the affective, behavioral and cognitive dimensions inside the organizations, as well as to compare the results of the constructs with the respondent profiles from the industries of different sizes. Thus, the quantitative research was applied and the data analysis was made using unimultivariated statistics in order to identify the factors to the specific objectives. The data collect resulted in a sample constituted of 498 respondents. The main data analysis results show that the higher level of human resources’ organizational commitment was presented in the small organization and that the lowest degree was present in the large organization. Also, the analysis show that the higher degree of resistance to change was evident by the human resources from the large organization and that the lowest degree by the human resources from the small organization. However, the organizational commitment and the resistance significance level it is not relevant to the organization growth and its competitiveness quality in the globalized market. Neither the organizational commitment nor the resistance in changing present any significant change between men and women.