Orçamento participativo em Sobral/Ceará (1997 A 2004): trajetória histórica e percursos avaliativos

ROCHA, Andréa Araújo. Orçamento participativo em Sobral/Ceará (1997 A 2004): trajetória histórica e percursos avaliativos. 2009. 135f. – Dissertação (Mestrado) – Universidade Federal do Ceará, Programa de Pós-graduação em Avaliação de Políticas Públicas, Fortaleza (CE), 2009.

Nível de Acesso:openAccess
Publication Date:2009
Main Author: Rocha, Andréa Araújo
Orientador/a: Braga, Elza Maria Franco
Format: Dissertação
Published: www.teses.ufc.br
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Online Access:http://www.repositorio.ufc.br/handle/riufc/5937
Citação:Rocha, A. A.; Braga, E. M. F. (2009)
Resumo Português:This paper aims to analyze evaluate and socialize participatory and democratic management practices experienced in the city of Sobral with focus on the experience of the Participatory Budget stimulated by municipality in the period between the years 1997 to 2004 This experience provided the council the articulation of the main forces living in the territory and at the same time another demarcated political moment after spending four decades steeped in a political context in which the predominant clientelistic and paternalistic practices This situation refers to the questions regarding the scope of the changes and challenges that a model of democratic management must address to make some space and get channels to pursue a shared management involving representatives of civil society and public administration as was the proposal to Sobral in the period approached. The electoral process of 1996 is configured in a political arrangement in the city whose bid is based on democratic principles in order to enhance the citizenship and social rights In that context aims to assess the practices of the Participatory Budget through the relationship established between civil society and municipal administration noting the areas of sociability the strategies the learning and its developments in the city everyday They also want to score and limits the progress of relations between different social actors in view of a democratic and participatory management.